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LYRIC'S LEDGER OF LEGENDS is a compilation of 12 different subclass options for 5th edition made by T. Ashley Jenkins (Petal Crash, Grapple Force Rena) and Zack Morrison (Paranatural, Dungeon Dozen)! Follow a foppish fairy's accounts of their encounters with... 

  • ⛓️The Path of the Chainbreaker Barbarian, a manacle-wielding freedom fighter that refuses to be restrained!
  • 🎼The College of Conductors Bard, a wand-waving maestro who guides his allies towards a perfect performance!
  • 🔥The Hearth Domain Cleric, a font of holy hospitality that brings comfort to any party's campfire!
  • 🌱The Circle of Growth Druid, a hybrid hero whose floral magic protects them and extends their leafy reach!
  • 🪀The Lariateer Fighter, a high-flying warrior with a magical lasso that always comes in handy!
  • 🥋The Way of Yielding Strength Monk, a gentle grappler that uses her opponents' strength against them!
  • 🕵️The Oath of Inquisition Paladin, a grim agent of order that specializes in the capture and interrogation of magical threats! 
  • 🍖The Wild Rover Ranger, a feral hunter that cleverly crafts whatever she needs from the monsters she defeats!
  • 🍀The Lucky Fool Rogue, a hapless jester that relies on their uncanny fortune to succeed in absurd ways!
  • 💤The Astral Dreamer Sorcerer, a spellbinding sleepwalker that draws their power from the Astral Plane!
  • 🦁The Sphinx Patron Warlock, an enigmatic disciple of the riddle-spinning guardians that protect forgotten tombs and mighty treasures!
  • 🎩And the Magician Wizard, a performer whose path to power takes the less prestigious route of practicing their magic up on stage!

Each entry in Lyric's ledger features a full color illustration, comedic narration from the fey curator themself, and everything you need to play a legend of your own in your campaign. We hope you like it!

This collaboration is a labor of homebrew love, and any support you can throw our way would be extremely appreciated! Your interest will let us make even more tabletop content for you to enjoy. Thank you in advance for checking out our work!


Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

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Oh my god these are AMAZING! Lucky Fool rogue is an absolutely bonkers idea and I love the idea of playing a Wild Rover ranger (probably going to be my next PC!)


You can't keep getting away with this! The art, the mechanics, these subclasses are everything I did and didn't know I wanted/needed! Each one is so unique beyond all the other homebrew I've seen, and it just makes the true pain of session scheduling even more noticeable but please, I beseech thee, upon my contribution of gold to your cause, keep 'em coming. Bring forth the creative options for us peons who shall patiently await the next release of deliciousness unto the platter of homebrew meals to be feasted upon at this table you have so lovingly invited us to dine at!